Misbah on PCB's rehiring of Arthur: "Slap on Pakistan Cricket"

Misbah on PCB’s rehiring of Arthur: “Slap on Pakistan Cricket”

Former captain and coach of Pakistan Misbah-ul-Haq sees likely rehiring of mickeyarthur by the PCB as “a slap in the face to Pakistani cricket”. Arthur is likely to board as Pakistan Men’s Team Manager after Najam Sethi took over as Acting PCB Chief. Misbah blamed former Pakistani players for undermining the credibility of the system and forcing the PCB to look outside the country for high-level coaching roles.
PCB talks with Arthur, who coached Pakistan from 2016-2019, had failed three weeks ago but they persisted in finding common ground. It has been understood that the board are set to agree a deal with him as team manager and not, as in his previous stint, as head coach.

The job in Pakistan, if he accepts it, will be his second simultaneous coaching role as Arthur has a long-term contract with Derbyshire. Arthur is unwilling to end his job in county cricket and the two parties have reached an agreement allowing him to have both jobs. It will be an unusual deal – internationally at least – in which he will not be with the Pakistani team on every tour but will have a select group of support staff to run operations.

“It’s a slap in the face to our cricketing system that we are unable to find a full-time top coach,” Misbah told ESPNcricinfo. “It’s a shame that the best don’t want to come and we insist on having someone who sees Pakistan as a second option.

“I blame our own system, which is vulnerable enough with so many weak lines for anyone to exploit. We have to blame ourselves for disrespecting and discrediting our own people for making a bad image. The current and former lot do not respect each other, media and former players using their own YouTube channels for rankings, seriously damaging the credibility and value of our cricket, which therefore gives the impression that we do not we are not capable.

“The Pakistani cricket fan is always unhappy, he picks up things from the media and has a bad impression. Players who talk to each other with a grudge and speak openly with disdain devalue our community, and it becomes the common perception. Our cricket has been constantly under pressure with hesitant and subjective opinions. The game is hardly the subject of objective and constructive discussions.

“Cricket is the most popular sport in the country, but sadly it never makes the headlines in the right way. It’s chaos; former cricketers ridicule their fellow cricketers on national channels with fans making mistakes. There is no empathy, no respect and no conducive environment in our country’s cricketing district.”

Arthur’s stint as Pakistan’s head coach ended in 2019 when the PCB cricket committee recommended that his contract not be renewed. Misbah was part of the very committee at the time that grilled Arthur after the 2019 World Cup and was one of those responsible for Arthur’s release. Interestingly, Misbah later took over from Arthur and had an unprecedented influence on Pakistani cricket by taking over as head coach of the national team, as well as – uniquely – as head coach. . He, however, resigned from his position while he remained in his position for a year, in September 2021.

There has always been much debate about foreign and local coaches in Pakistan, and Misbah alleged that each individual is treated differently by the PCB bureaucracy, with local coaches subject to more scrutiny from the from the board of directors.

β€œThe PCB is always ready to support foreign coaches but never supports local coaches,” Misbah said. “They like to have coaches abroad because they think the locals can easily be politicized and are not capable of it, but do we know that it was the PCB bureaucracy that politicized the structure? They throw locals under the bus when under pressure and there has never been accountability for bureaucracy in PCB It is the mismanagement and constant changes at the helm that is a problem and we are never able to find a solid line for our cricket.

“Now there is a common narrative that Pakistani cricket doesn’t even have a single capable guy and they are forced to look outside. Successful teams like India have completely turned to local coaches , but unfortunately the policies here are so inconsistent and vague that we are never able to come to a consensus on what we want to do. We have some very good people in our system who can contribute well like Haji (Mohammad Akram), Aaqib Javed, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Waqar Younesetc but their reputation has been so tarnished and people think they’re not made for the job.”
During Ehsan Mani’s tenure, the PCB attempted to attract modern cricketers into the working structure, but several former players were reluctant to join due to the inherent instability of the board and working culture. internal. Wasim Akram is a prime example as he always steered clear of taking a PCB job and preferred to work on a short-term role away from public scrutiny. Inzamam joined as head coach and decided not to play a long-term role either, after completing his initial tenure.
Under Mani, the PCB had drawn up a plan for the development of local coaches and revamped the National Cricket Academy by transforming it into a high performance center for the development of players and coaches, and recruited a large number of coaches in the system. But Ramiz Rajaafter becoming chairman of the PCB, brought in foreign coaches locally and nationally and reset the whole structure.

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