Chelsea game with Liverpool eliminated after six minutes

Chelsea game with Liverpool eliminated after six minutes

Liverpool’s WSL game at Chelsea lasted six minutes before the players left the pitch after playing in dangerous conditions

Chelsea’s Women’s Super League game at home to Liverpool was abandoned after six minutes on Sunday as the players repeatedly slipped on the frozen pitch.

An inspection took place at Kingsmeadow at 09:30 GMT and the game went as scheduled three hours later.

But referee Paul Howard quickly stopped the action, deeming the conditions too dangerous to play.

“The game should never have started. We have to put the safety of the players first,” Chelsea manager Emma Hayes said.

Ground staff had used blankets and blowers to thaw the pitch at Kingston upon Thames, but Howard said too many slips had occurred in the early stages of the match for it to continue safely.

Some visiting supporters had left at 5 a.m. to watch their side take on the WSL leaders in the first game of the day.


Chelsea Women

Training 4-2-3-1

  • 1Musovic
  • 15he would have perished
  • 26Buchanan
  • 4Bright
  • 7Carter
  • 21Charles
  • 5English
  • 28Cankovic
  • 22Cuthbert
  • 11Stroll
  • 20Kerr


  • 8Leupolz
  • tenjames
  • 14Kirby
  • 16Eriksson
  • 17Flemish
  • 18Reportage
  • 19Riding Kaneryd
  • 27abdullina
  • 30Shepherd

Liverpool Women

Training 4-5-1

  • 1Laws
  • 2Koivisto
  • 23Bonner
  • 5fahey
  • 28Campbell
  • 19Sands
  • 18Holland
  • 8Nagano
  • 6Matthew
  • 11Lawley
  • 24Stengel


  • 3Dressing gown
  • 7Kearn
  • tenfury
  • 12hinds
  • 15Lundgaard
  • 17Humphrey
  • 20daniels
  • 22Kirby
  • 35taylor

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