Michael Schumacher has ended F1's party culture - when will Verstappen say 'goodbye?'

Michael Schumacher has ended F1’s party culture – when will Verstappen say ‘goodbye?’

Verstappen is a two-time F1 world champion whose style has been compared to the legendary Schumacher, whose seven championships are the joint record with Lewis Hamilton.

But the fitness and dedication required in the current times could mean Verstappen quitting the sport sooner than expected, Ralf believes.

“One thing is certain: Max is close to his zenith and can hold it for a long time due to his age,” he told Sport1.

“Lewis needs to do more to be on the edge, fight more for it.

“With Max, however, I ask myself another question: how long does he still want to play in Formula 1?

“He’s already hinted several times that he doesn’t want to drive for ten years.

“I trust him to say at some point, ‘Bye, that’s it. I’ll be gone!’

“The constant travel could be a reason. Although we had fewer races in my time, it was too much for me at the end of my career.

“One thing should not be forgotten: all of life depends on Formula 1. It starts when you get up and stops when you fall asleep.

“There is not much family life. Then there is the extreme training.

“My brother has taken the level of fitness to a new level. The parties are not here.

“That’s why Kimi Raikkonen had to be an ultra-mega talent, because he still won the title despite his sometimes easy lifestyle. But only once. But that was enough for him. If Kimi had been more disciplined, he would have accomplished much more.

“Max and Lewis are still the most complete drivers on the grid. However, as I said: Lewis had to fight with George Russell within the team. Max with Sergio Perez only briefly at the start of the season.

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