Max Verstappen celebrates. Abu Dhabi, November 2022.

Max Verstappen scores another P1 2022 as team bosses have their say

Team bosses have voted for their top 10 drivers of the 2022 season, and the result is another Max Verstappen victory.

The Red Bull driver has become rather accustomed to the P1 position over the past season, winning 15 of 22 grands prix en route to a second world championship in as many years.

Such was Verstappen’s dominance, he secured the title after winning in Japan with four rounds remaining in the season.

And with that tally of 15 wins for the season, Verstappen set a new record for most won in a single campaign.

And as the curtain prepares to fall on 2022 and the focus turns to the new season ahead, there was just enough time for the team principals to present their top 10 driver rankings.

Each team boss remains anonymous with their vote, as expected, with scores working like the Formula 1 points system, with the first-place driver getting 25 points to one for the P10 driver.

And for 2022, the 10 team leaders of this season took part in the vote. Ironic then that most of these pilot-crew chief couples are no longer a thing after the unexpected “silly season” moves.

So Verstappen, unsurprisingly, won the crew chiefs’ vote by a comfortable margin, scoring 207 points. Leclerc, as in the Championship 2022was a distant runner-up in 144, while George Russell completed that particular podium in 127.

One of the more interesting trends was Fernando Alonso in the top 10, unlike his Alpine teammate for the season, Esteban Ocon, even though the Frenchman finished ahead of Alonso in the standings.

A justification then for Alonso, who kept his own tally of the number of points he had lost thanks to the unreliable Alpine A522.

Sebastian Vettel meanwhile entered the list at the end of his final Formula 1 season. What a way out!

So let’s look at the full list of top 10 driversas voted by the 2022 team principals.

1. Max Verstappen – 207 points
2. Charles Leclerc – 144
3. George Russell – 127
4. Lewis Hamilton- 100
5. Sergio Perez – 91
6. Lando Norris – 81
7. Carlos Sainz – 68 years old
8. Fernando Alonso – 67
9. Valtteri Bottas – 29
10. Sebastien Vettel – 24 years old

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