Zak Brown, McLaren CEO, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2022

McLaren enters top sportscar racing ‘a matter of when not if’ – Brown RaceFans

In the summary: McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown says McLaren gets involved in top-tier sportscar competition like IMSA and it’s a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

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McLaren enters top-level sportscar racing ‘a matter of when not if’ – Brown

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown says McLaren getting involved in top-level sports car competition like IMSA is a matter of “when”, not “if”.

The introduction of hypercars and LMDh classes into endurance sports car racing through the World Endurance Championship and IMSA series has seen a host of manufacturers join their own programs – including Ferrari, Peugeot, BMW and Lamborghini, among others.

speaking on an episode of the Marshall Pruett podcastBrown admitted that McLaren’s participation in top-level sports car racing series like IMSA was something he felt the organization should pursue.

“I would really like to bring McLaren into top-level sports car racing,” Brown said. “I think we have to be there. I think it fits our brand.

“I have to make sure that when – that’s what I like to say rather than ‘if’ we get involved – we have to be able to do it right and everything else we do is in very good state.

“I think it’s in a few years. We need to make a decision quickly because now we know what we need to know to make a decision. It really depends on what’s going on in the world of McLaren as to when is the best time to enter.

Stuck not impressed Verstappen refused the order

Max Verstappen’s refusal to follow an order from his Red Bull team at the Brazilian Grand Prix revealed a “lack of discipline”, according to former Formula 1 driver Hans-Joachim Stuck.

Red Bull told Verstappen to allow Sergio Perez to pass him on the final lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix, but the world champion refused. Stuck, who scored two podiums in his six-year F1 career, says Verstappen was wrong to disobey them.

“The first commandment in Formula 1 is to follow the team’s instructions unconditionally, because the drivers have signed a contract. he told Eurosport.

Stuck said his former team principal, Bernie Ecclestone, shared his views on the incident. “He was very clear there,” he said. “If one of his drivers hadn’t followed such an instruction, Bernie would have kicked him out.”

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