BRAKING: Eddie Jones expects to be sacked, fans not impressed with replacement - Page 3 of 3 - Ruck

BRAKING: Eddie Jones expects to be sacked, fans not impressed with replacement – Page 3 of 3 – Ruck

6. Alun Wyn Jones

“Maybe he had so many caps because there were so few Welsh second lines. Maybe.”

‘At this stage he is only chosen because Wales Online will go nuclear and blow up Cardiff if he doesn’t’

“I really really really don’t understand why it’s rated so highly”

“He was a great player. But he should have been far from the Lions starting shirt in my opinion.

One fan hits back saying: “Maybe he’s got 12 lion caps in a row, won many 6N championships, been nominated for World Player of the Year twice 4 years apart and is the record holder in history because he is one of the greatest locks of all time…maybe.

“If there’s one player in world rugby who’s had more people get eggs in their faces after they wrote him off and downplayed his rugby abilities, it’s AWJ.”

5. Finn Russell

4. Danny Cipriani

3. Gavin Henson

2. Sergio Parisse

“It’s going to be controversial but Sergio Parisse. Of course he had fantastic skills but he was a show pony not a workhorse and people often ignored him. He looked fantastic for Italy , but that was because he was allowed to do everything flashy stuff but was poor in other areas.”

“I think Parisse got a lot of credit just for being a leader and a quality player in a poor Italian team and was never rated by anyone as close to world class”

“Regularly makes world teams xv on little evidence.”

“Never has a cliché ever matched a player more than an overrated show pony for Sergio Parisse”

“Honestly…. at the end of his Parisse career.

1. Sebastian Chabal

“The French striker is a player that jumps out at you.”

“His appearance was half his reputation. Whenever he got the proper attention, he went to bed.

“Talented athlete who made big tackles from time to time, but when the pressure came he always seemed to stray away from the physical side of the game.

“Maybe more but I think Chabal was always grossly overrated. He had some massive shots and good carry but overall his impact in most games was pretty average for a man with so many hype.

“Good 6, terrible 8, even worse lock.”

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