Mauritius Saturday - Questions asked about the final race

Mauritius Saturday – Questions asked about the final race

Suggestions on a Mauritian social media platform of “panic in betting shops in South Africa” ​​when the eighth race at the Champ de Mars took place on Saturday have yet to be confirmed.

The Sports position received reports from a reliable source residing on the island that the events surrounding Coupe de Trianon 361 on Saturday warrant a second look, with questions raised around the race’s rest time, as well as the “scratching of the favorite 14-10 Grand Vision.

The last event of the 32nd meeting of the Mauritian season, organized by the Mauritius Turf Club Sports And Leisure (MTCSL), took place at 4:35 p.m., according to the official program published by the Horse Racing Division (HRD).

The off time advertised by the MTCSL website was apparently 4:45 p.m. These are the local times of Mauritius.

The only South African bookmaker to respond to questions from the Sporting Post on Sunday afternoon confirmed that its book was in fact closed at 4.35pm and there was no betting activity to warrant any suspicion.

Suggestions on the Mauritian social media platform that after the Prince of Venice won, the race was still open and “thus triggering a complete frenzy among the betting companies”, have not been confirmed.

The Sporting Post wrote to TAB and requested confirmation of the closing time on their system.

The circumstances surrounding the withdrawal of 14-10 favorite Grand Vision (2) are also unclear.

According to observers, Grand Vision lost its rider during the race. On our shopping bag are reflected the 4 horses by way of scraping. But in a handwritten MTCSL results document in possession of the Sporting Post, the result of Race 8 is reflected with Grand Vision presented as a “runner”.

The Sporting Post has written to the MTCSL seeking clarification on both issues.

Mauritian horse racing has clearly suffered from tensions under the divided management of two operators. The season only started on Sunday June 5 under the control of People’s Turf Plc Ltd. They alternate the program with the MTCSL.

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