GW14 Bonus Points: Trippier Earns Extras Again

GW14 Bonus Points: Trippier Earns Extras Again

Find out which players received additional rewards for their performances in Gameweek 14 matches

The most important bonus points in Fantastic Premier League have been confirmed for Gameweek 14 matches.

Gameweek 14 bonus points
3 points 2pts 1 point
Leicester 0-1 Man City
De Bruyne Ederson Rocks
AFC Bournemouth 2-3 Spurs
Moore Bentancur Black-smith
Brentford 1-1 Wolves
Me, Neves plant
Brighton 4-1 Chelsea
Havertz Stupinan Sanchez
Crystal Palace 1-0 Southampton
Mitchell See Edward, Ward
Newcastle 4-0 Aston Villa
Wilson Tripper almiron
Fulham 0-0 Everton
Leno, Pickford Coady, Diop
Liverpool 1-2 Leeds
Robertson Meslier Summerville

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