Steiner: F1 is now a 'tough crowd' with so many competitive teams

Steiner: F1 is now a ‘tough crowd’ with so many competitive teams

Four teams are currently battling for sixth to ninth place in the constructors’ standings, with Alfa Romeo on 52, Aston Martin on 45, and both Alpha Tauri and Haas on 34.

Haas has retreated in recent weeks as Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher have failed to score a point in the last seven races.

However, Steiner says it’s due to circumstances and the teams being so close rather than a drop in form for Haas.

“When you have a few results that aren’t great, everyone takes the negatives away and it’s all gone wrong,” he said. “For me, it’s a tough crowd here.

“We have 10 very good teams and you have to fight against everyone. Some you can’t fight, and some are there to take your points.

“In Monza, williams was very good, Nyck [de Vries] does a fantastic job. It’s hard. If you don’t perform at 100% of what you have, you won’t score any more points.

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Steiner conceded that it is difficult to score points because the best teams invariably occupy the top spots.

“I just think strong teams, they are reliable now. The top four teams, they’re executing very well, and then it’s the other six teams fighting for ninth and tenth place to be honest, that’s what it looks like at the moment.

“So what do I attribute this one to?” I don’t know, it’s just competition. They did a better job. There is nothing hidden there.

“What you can get out of it, I think the budget cap works because the teams are closer to each other than they’ve ever been.

“The six teams behind the four teams, they are very close. Anyone could score at any time, the two and the one point.

“Obviously if someone gives up then you go up a bit more, but it shows that everything is working. I think in a few years it will close even more, and then everyone will mix more.

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal, Haas F1, is interviewed

Photo by: Andy Hone/ Motorsport pictures

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