Entrance Porsche F1 revived |  thejudge13

Entrance Porsche F1 revived | thejudge13

This weekend sees the full return of the Honda brand to Red Bull Racing Formula 1 cars. Honda pulled out of F1 in 2020 to focus on electric and zero-carbon projects. However, due to the power unit development freeze, Red Bull cars use the same engines that are actually made by Honda.

The Honda brand is not just for the Japanese GP, but will remain on Red Bull cars for the rest of the season. Given the very recent collapse of talks between Porsche and Red Bull, the revival of the Honda relationship comes as a surprise to some.

The cynics among us might believe that Red Bull Racing simply chained Porsche until the last minute, but that says Christian Horner had insisted since the start of the summer on ‘cultural fit’ as a necessary ingredient with everything partner with which Red Bull Racing was committed.

Porsche is considering other options

Obviously, the Porsche board in Stuttgart was too demanding on the control issues that RBR was unhappy to give up.

Later reports following the breakdown of the Porsche/Red Bull partnership suggested that Porsche would no longer seek to join Formula 1. However, Porsche CFO now confirms, “Formula 1 remains an interesting racing series for us.

“We are looking to see if there are other viable options,” he told Sport1.

“But we don’t let ourselves be pressured into making a decision that we’re not convinced of.”

FIA deadline for 2026 entrants flexible

The FIA’s latest deadline for new entrants for 2026 to sign on the dotted line has been set for mid-October, but it appears that given the recent collapse of Red Bull-Porsche talks, the FIA ​​may allow a some flexibility on the final date for a 2026 commitment.

Helmut Marko recently observed, “All I can say is that Formula 1 is booming right now, so it’s a logical step for every manufacturer to think about getting involved.”

“There are manufacturers, not just German ones, who are also interested in this.”

Ford and Hyundai plan to participate in F1

Ford and Hyundai are considering forays into F1, although time is running out even if the current deadline is extended.

Red Bull is continuing its all-new Red Bull Powertrains division, although the renewed relationship with Honda may well see the Japanese manufacturer move into all things electric, as the new F1 PUs will derive 50% of their power from related technologies. to the battery.

Red Bull would clearly develop the internal combustion engine.

Commenting on the renewed relationship with Honda, “We are the prettiest bride in the paddock” marko joked

Honda returns smoothly to F1

Max Verstappen, who rode in his father’s Honda powered F1 at Suzuka, commented: “It’s just great to have the Honda name on the car.

“Who knows what will happen in the future. I’m probably not the right person to talk to about it, but it’s good to have the full name on the car.”

If Porsche is to enter the sport, the most likely partners are McLaren or Williams. However, Porsche will have to lower its expectations given that none of the famous British brands have won championships in recent memory.

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