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Bottas – Slow upgrade production is an Alfa Romeo ‘weakness’ RaceFans

In the summary: Valtteri Bottas says the speed of development is ‘one of the weaknesses’ of his Alfa Romeo team

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Bottas – Slow upgrade production, an Alfa Romeo ‘weakness’

Valtteri Bottas says improving the speed with which Alfa Romeo produces upgrades for its car is a “high priority” for the team.

Alfa Romeo is currently sixth in the constructors’ championship with 52 points, but has only scored one point in the last eight races after scoring 51 in the first nine. Bottas admits the team hasn’t been able to keep up with the development pace of some of his midfield colleagues.

“I think the rivals – like, for example, McLaren and Alpine – have done more development than us and they’ve had more consistent improvements than us,” Bottas said. “We still have things to come, I think it might be Austin or Japan, certain things, but I guess that will be more or less everything.

“I think we were one of the very few teams at the start of the year that hit the weight limits. an effect. We know that one of our weaknesses is production speed, which is a big priority for the team going forward. We certainly are aware of that.

No grid extensions for Formula 2, F3 – Michel

Formula 2 and FIA F3 CEO Bruno Michel has said he doesn’t think either series will consider increasing its grid size beyond its current level.

Formula 2 currently has 22 cars on its grid, while the FIA ​​Formula 3 championship runs with 30 cars in each of its rounds. When asked if he would be willing to add more teams to the series if Andretti looked to create junior teams, Michel said he saw no need to expand the grids further.

“I don’t think it would be good for the championships to add new teams,” Michel said. “There are always changes of teams, teams that want to stop, and in this case you can find new shareholders for the teams. It has happened several times in the past, with GP2 and F2 and it will continue.

“I think 30 cars in F3 and 22 cars in F2 is a very good number. I have many requests from teams who would like to join both F2 and F3, but I always say the same thing. We always have to make sure we have more drivers than seats because if we have fewer drivers than seats then the teams are in trouble I think having 30 cars in F3 is already a fantastic achievement and I don’t want to increase that at all and 22 cars in F2 we used to have 26 cars then we went down to 20 cars and now I think 22 cars is a very good number and I don’t plan to adopt a new team .

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