Watch: Virat Kohli's incredible gesture for a Pakistani fan who was arrested by security officers for approaching him

Watch: Virat Kohli’s incredible gesture for a Pakistani fan who was arrested by security officers for approaching him

Virat Kohli is a mega-star… No, cross that out, a superstar. Kohli’s fame is not only confirmed in India but transcends far beyond the border. He has fans who are willing to go the extra mile just for something as trivial as clicking a selfie. Don’t look too far back. During the Bengaluru test between India and Sri Lanka, a fan broke into security and ran to the ground to get a clicked photo with Kohli. And most recently, during the IPL, a fan rushed Kohli at the Gardens of Eden in Kolkata before a security guard lifted him onto his shoulders and escorted him off the ground.

In front of Asian Cup 2022 which starts on Saturday and the blockbuster India vs Pakistan clash on Sunday, fans flocked to the grounds of the ICC Academy, where the teams train. India had their first training session on Wednesday, after which a nice gesture from Kohli is now the talk of the town. As Kohli was walking back to the team bus, a fan rushed towards him. The fan, who claimed to be from Lahore, the city where Babar Azam was born, was arrested by a couple of security guards, who wanted to click a photo of Kohli.

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Initially, Kohli continued to walk and security did not allow him to move near the former Indian captain. After the fan shouted at Kohli and told him that he came from Pakistan only to get a photo clicked with him, Virat took notice and later came back to get a selfie clicked. The fan, who goes by the name of Mohammad Jibran, and who considers Kohli his favorite player, later said it was a moment he will never forget. The video was shared by PakTV.

“I’m not a fan of anyone but Virat Kohli for whom I came from Pakistan hoping to get a picture clicked with him. I waited a whole month for this so the moment he finished his practice and was about to go back to his hotel, i tried a lot. He is an amazing person besides being a fabulous cricketer. He listened to me and accepted my request to click on the selfie,” the fan told PakTV.

Jibran added that he wants Kohli to get back to his form as soon as possible and he doesn’t care if that happens in the game against Pakistan on Sunday. He also mentioned that he did not click a single photo with any of the Pakistani cricketers in his life but always wanted a photo clicked with Kohli.

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