Former St Helens prop Luke Thompson reportedly 'bought' as massive deal revealed - Rugby League News

Former St Helens prop Luke Thompson reportedly ‘bought’ as massive deal revealed – Rugby League News

Luke Thompson was one of the greatest strikers in the Super League when he plied his trade with St Helens.

A move to the NRL with the Canterbury Bulldogs midway through the 2020 season was set to jump-start his career to new heights.

However, although impressive in the blue and white shirt, Thompson – for whatever reason – is simply not as revered Down Under as he is in the UK.

And, since his move, the England international has been linked with other clubs, including the Wests Tigers who Fox Sports continued to report for much of the offseason.

That said, Thompson put his head down and continued to work hard at Canterbury, underlining his desire to stay until the end of his contract which expires at the end of 2023.

With the The telegraph of the day revealing his ‘100 NRL Rich List’ which details the highest paid players in Australian competition, it was revealed that Thompson’s salary is $750,000 – just over £440,000 in English pounds.

So when Thompson returned to England to take care of a private matter, the idea that Super League clubs could start paying for his contract may have been far-fetched.

Despite this, the The telegraph of the day and his readers think that Thompson does not justify this price.

The The telegraph of the day said of Thompson: “Proving a disastrous buy for Canterbury with the England international managing 10, 15 and 12 games respectively over the last three seasons. Despite his immense talent, the investment doesn’t justify the reward, which is why Thompson is constantly bought by the Dogs from rival clubs. He still has one year left on his contract for 2023.”

And when The telegraph of the day readers were asked if the deal was ‘perfect’, ‘lucky’ or ‘good deal’, 96% of respondents chose ‘lucky’.

The massive striker was highly regarded in the Super League and it would be great to see him face rival sides in the World Cup at the end of the year.

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