Matt Toomua: Wallabies should 'cut the cord' on Giteau's law

Matt Toomua: Wallabies should ‘cut the cord’ on Giteau’s law

Former Wallabies flyhalf Matt Toomua believes Australia would benefit from Giteau’s law being scrapped.

Giteau’s law allows three overseas-based Australians to be selected for the Wallabies squad, with the remaining players to be locally based.

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The law is designed to keep talent within the local system to boost the national tournament, but Advance still believes it would be more beneficial for the Wallabies to scrap the decision.

“I’m ready to be proven wrong, but I have an opinion on this and my opinion is give up. Just cut the cord. The concern is if you allow [all overseas-based players] come in and let everyone play, let the national tournament struggle. Well we already have struggles inside [level]so when do you say to open it,” Toomua told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The example for me is the A-League. If you’re good at football you go overseas. It won’t be that good for rugby in Australia but, if it is, can you still support a domestic competition? The A-League looks like you can do it if you promote it in the right way or if you have private investment, or whatever.

“Maybe we ease the cost burden a bit [on Rugby Australia] international guys and let them go. It seems so murky.

Toomua believes that the Wallabies should be able to call on all the players they need, regardless of where they live.

“If we’re going to deal with this economics thing, let’s not restrict the Wallabies in any way because that’s just stupid,” he said. “If we need Rory [Arnold], we need Rory. If we need will [Skelton], we need Will. Samu [Kerevi] – why doesn’t he play all the time? We can’t just have them for a two game tour. We have to have these guys.

There have been talks over the decision to allow four overseas-based players into the squad which was denied by Rugby Australia, and Toomua believes the situation is a ‘slow death’.

“As a player, it’s quite frustrating,” he said. “I signed a contract last year on the basis that the Giteau law was in play, so you do the depth chart, you look at it and think, ‘I’ll probably be here’. And then the rules change.

“It’s just a rule until two guys decide it’s not a rule, so I feel like it’s dying a bit slowly at the moment.

“Drop it, drop the costs, another youngster is going to shine, be the face of the game, and we’ll still have our international stars playing for Australia, and we’re not crippling ourselves by not having all of them. “

The Athlete Cycle

Toomua fell out of favor within the national structure and claimed that it took time to get along.

“It was humiliating in many ways,” he added.

“I ended last season with a blow to the head, which kept me out for quite a while. I came back and wanted to be part of [Rebels] leadership group, so it was not a decision made on my part. I was quite disappointed with that.

“It was a few hits. I was playing No.12 [with Melbourne]and I had always expressed my desire to play No 10 and then I was put back in 10 but then the Wallabies said they saw me as a No 12 and playing No 10 didn’t help not really my chances of playing at No. 12.

“Towards the end I just had to get to the position I wanted to play rugby and a position I wanted to play, and if that’s not good enough for the Wallabies I’m okay with that. I’ll do I’ll try my best, I’ll do whatever I can. But if that’s not enough, I’m actually pretty proud of what I’ve done at the wallaby level and the experiences I’ve had.

“I really, really like the environment in terms of coaching set up there. I spoke to Dave Rennie on the phone when he called to tell me I wasn’t there. I said, “Man, I really wish I was a few years younger and played a little better”.

“For me, it’s just the natural cycle of being an athlete. You’re good for a while and hopefully enjoy that little while and then you get not so good for a while. I don’t think I’m completely on the other side, but I’m preparing for it because it will eventually happen. I want to be pragmatic about this.

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