The Red Flags F1 Podcast is the only racing mod you need

The Red Flags F1 Podcast is the only racing mod you need

Red Flags F1 Podcast co-host Brian Muller chats with Jalopnik about his journey from actor to podcaster.

Here’s the thing. You are busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy, and trying to find time to sneak in yet another podcast may not be there the simplest thing to do right now – but I don’t care. Clear your schedules, because you’re going to want to listen to the F1 Red Flags Podcast.

There’s kind of an overabundance of Formula 1 podcasts on older streaming services these days (and I too am guilty of having contributed), then I’m going to present to you my Red Flags elevator pitch. Simply put, two childhood friends got into F1 and decided to spend their time discussing the absurd drama the sport brings to the world of motorsport. You have a serious American fondness for this pod, which is particularly refreshing, since I have long since past the point where i need a british man to tell me my business.

How actor Brian Muller became an F1 podcaster

And did I mention their appreciation for a good meme? Because that’s really what I need from my podcasts. Greeting your audience as “wankers” (pronounced, of course, with Guenther Steiner’s fabulous accent) and presenting yourself as “little sluts who live for the drama” sets a fantastic vibe for the exact type of content you’re going to get. .

I mean, take a look:

We recently had the chance to go out with Brian Müllerone of the Red Flags co-hosts who too happens to be an actor in the show EPIX Bridge and Tunnel. He told us all about his first car and his journey to podcasting, so be sure to check.

And for those of you interested in the old Powerful book I worked with Alanis King, well – we also spoke with Red Flags on some of the juiciest details we found during our investigation. I wish we could claim we were the coolest guests at Red Flags, but they also chatted with Mario Andretti and Willy T. Ribbs – and they did it in their own unique, edgy and edgy way. drama hunt, which does interviews of the kind you’ve never heard before.

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