Wigan Warriors' Kai Pearce-Paul and Huddersfield Giants' Will Pryce reportedly in early move talks - Rugby League News

Wigan Warriors’ Kai Pearce-Paul and Huddersfield Giants’ Will Pryce reportedly in early move talks – Rugby League News

Will Prye and Kai Pearce-Paul are undoubtedly poised for stardom.

Huddersfield Giants star Will Pryce and Wigan Warriors man Kai Pearce-Paul have the potential to be two of the greatest players of their generation, it’s just a shame they’re both lost in the NRL for potentially a big part of their career.

Pryce’s ability to take the line, find a gap and create something out of nothing is incredible while Pearce-Paul is one of the toughest and most physical players in his back/center line position for his age.

However, the NRL’s Newcastle Knights are said to have signed both for 2024, with due respect Newcastle Herald journalist Barry Toohey claiming a deal has been agreed for 2024 but that hasn’t stopped the NRL from trying to secure the duo early, although that would mean paying both Huddersfield and Wigan a transfer fee being given that they are both still under contract.

“Will Pryce and Kai Pearce-Paul are the two young players the Knights have signed, but haven’t announced, for 2024 from England,” Toohey said on the Toohey news: the podcast.

“At this stage the club are trying to get them out for 2023 which means they will have to make a deal with their respective clubs there, Huddersfield and Wigan.”

Toohey, however, believes Newcastle could get one or both of Pryce and Pearce-Paul early on.

“It’s not about setting a deadline as both are under contract but for both to arrive early they would have to reach an agreement with their respective clubs who would have to release them and we will have to wait and see if that happens. .

“It wouldn’t surprise me if the Knights got one for 2023 or both.”

Toohey popped the question again on Twitter, with the two still in negotiations.

Seeing Pryce and Pearce-Paul go down so early in their careers would be a kick in the teeth for the Super League, although the England national team would certainly benefit from the pair being brought up in this environment.

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