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RaceFans roundup: sausage curbs removed at Paul Ricard ‘should never come back’ – Vettel

In the roundup: Sebastian Vettel hailed the removal of the Paul Ricard’s sausage curbs, saying they presented an ‘unnecessary risk’.

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Sausage curbs should never come back – Vettel

Vettel was among the drivers who demanded the removal of sausage curbs at Paul Ricard, saying they had no place on race tracks.

“At least they were taken away,” Vettel admitted. “It’s just an unnecessary risk. We have seen so many incidents in the past with these sausage curbs. So I think they should never come back.

Formula 1 has tested 39 potentially carbon-neutral fuel mixtures

F1’s plan to have 100% sustainable fuel in every car by the 2026 season has moved to the lab stage, with 39 alternative fuel mixtures tested in a single-cylinder engine to replicate a unit as closely as possible. potential power of F1.

F1 managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn has confirmed the fuel will be synthetic, made from hydrogen and carbon molecules bonded together to create an inorganic gasoline. Capturing carbon from the air can mean that in reality no carbon is added during combustion.

“We are working on an E-fuel where the carbon circle is completely neutral, so the carbon used to produce this fuel is the same amount as the carbon emitted by the internal combustion engine,” Brawn said. “That means the engines don’t add anything to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

Oliver Goethe replaces injured Hunter Yeany for Hungarian Formula 3 round

German-Danish driver Oliver Goethe will drive for Campos in the Hungarian Formula 3 round this weekend, replacing Hunter Yeany.

Yeany broke his wrist in the first race of the Austrian round and was able to drive to the checkered flag but retired for the rest of the weekend.

Goethe will make his F3 debut, having already competed in the Euroformula Open and Formula Regional championships.

Sergio Perez launches team in electric motorboat racing series

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez launched Sergio Perez Team Mexico, to compete in the E1 Series Motorboat Racing Championship. The newly founded series was created by Formula E pioneer Alejandro Agag, which Perez says was a big push for its entry.

“Given my relationship with Alejandro, I have followed what he does and his various championships closely, and I think what he has achieved in promoting more sustainable forms of motorsport is commendable,” said Perez.

“To see a race team fly the flag of Mexico on a world stage will be amazing and I can’t wait to see the RaceBird in action for the first time. I’ve heard many positive stories about the boat and the exciting sport product that E1 tries to create for fans with events in town.

“It will definitely be a big challenge in my career and a learning experience,” added Perez. “I can’t wait to get started and help grow the fanbase in Mexico and around the world.”

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