Media rights: ICC says electronic auctions possible in second round

Media rights: ICC says electronic auctions possible in second round


ICC informed participants that if the winner is not decided in the first round, subsequent betting rounds will be conducted through an online method ©Getty

The International Cricket Council has informed Indian broadcasters that an electronic auction for the sale of its media rights, as demanded by some parties, is possible if the bidding goes through to the second round. The information was relayed in a short letter after Cricbuzz reported that Viacom 18 had written to the ICC setting out its objections to certain points in the tender for media rights.

“With respect to paragraph 6.41, in the event that a Bidder proceeds to the Envelope B stage of the process, IBC expects to notify such Bidders on the day Envelope B is opened if their whether or not the offer has been selected for recommendation to the IBC Board (as the case may be), or alternatively, if other sets of offers are requested. requested, IBC intends to use an electronic bidding process. Details of the package(s) and reserve price(s) will be confirmed to Bidders, and the intention is to complete the process the day after the opening of the bid. “Envelope B. Bidders will be provided with further details on the electronic auction process when the full response to clarifications is posted,” the ICC’s one-paragraph letter, sent to broadcasters Friday evening (July 15), read.

Mail is interpreted differently in the Indian mailing market. Whether it is to accede to broadcasters’ demands or a masterstroke to increase the value of rights is debated internally by media houses. However, their immediate response and inference was one of caution and skepticism. The companies seem to think that this decision will only increase the amount of the offer, since they will have to compete with their own offers.

“There is no clarity on who all will be called for the second round – the first three, the first four or the two best bidders and what is the method of deciding the 2nd round playoffs,” an insider said. industry. Another said: “After placing a strong first-round bid, we may have to fight again in the online auction.”

Cricbuzz contacted the ICC but there was no official response. However, sources claimed there was no change in the ICC’s position. “We have always said we can go to a second round if there are two very similar offers and we need a clear winner,” an informed source told the site.

* This report and headline was updated at 11:37 p.m. IST, July 15 after getting the mail from the ICC

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