Rafael Nadal's uncle delivers stark verdict on why Nick Kyrgios lost to Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal’s uncle delivers stark verdict on why Nick Kyrgios lost to Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni has explained that one of the reasons Nick Kyrgios lost to Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final was because of his “messy” understanding of tennis. The Aussie won the first set on Sunday but Djokovic responded to take the next three as Kyrgios gave the fans and the referee several outbursts.

Kyrgios was described as “cool and calm” by BBC commentator Todd Woodbridge in the first set, which he won 6-4, but as the Serb grew in the game, Kyrgios became furious with his box and that was one of the reasons he lost, according to Toni Nadal.

“In decisive moments, he was unable to control his anxiety,” Nadal said The country. “It, again, escalated into constant blaming his team as if they were responsible for the undesirable paths the scoreboard was taking for him.

“The game lacked brilliance, mainly because there were too many unplayed points. The Aussie’s lack of persistence, especially when it comes to maintaining his aggression, exposed the main problem that I think his game has.

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“He has a bad habit of hitting too many balls in any way, basically carelessly and out of the wrong position. In today’s tennis, due to the speed at which the ball is going, there is no choice but to look for a good position to have good control. Great players measure their steps well, look for a good position and from there try to hit a good shot and increase the chances of victory.

“Nick Kyrgios, with his messy way of understanding the game, is handicapped not so much by what he does with the ball, but by how he wants to do it. It’s very difficult for him to achieve the continuity that requires to score points Tennis is a sport of repetition, rather than spectacle.


Kyrgios repeatedly shouted at his box when he lost a point against Djokovic, and asked the referee to remove a fan who he said “looked like he had about 700 drinks”, and spoke to him during points, while his frequent outbursts forced the BBC to apologize several times for his language.

Tim Henman, on the BBC commentary for the final, agreed with Nadal and believes the Aussie can only blame himself.

“Kyrgios let himself down,” Henman said. “That dialogue will come back and haunt him. Surely it’s about accepting responsibility. It’s about Kyrgios coming out and executing his game plan to the best of his abilities. He got his way and left the initiative to Djokovic.

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