The stuffy air in the Wimbledon top box | Short letters

To understand what is wrong with this country, just look at the Wimbledon royal lodge. All the men, including a little boy, were forced on one of the hottest days of the year to wear ties and jackets. Please, could we enter the 21st century?
Marlene Godfrey
Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire

The various tips on balancing on one leg while rotating your arms and closing your eyes was entertaining (Letters, July 8). A more useful skill to regain would be the ability to put my panties on while standing.
Helen Keats (68)
Kingston, Isle of Wight

“Sit down and plan meals for the whole week,” recommends Sandra Haurant (Food expert tips for getting the most out of your budget, July 9). At the risk of sounding smug, I have to say that I have a record of my menus going back years. I always do.
Audrey Butler
Cheadle, Cheshire

Interestingly, the new Minister for Education, Andrea Jenkyns, has set an example for all pupils by making a middle finger gesture towards the public, indicating that this is acceptable behavior (Tory MP says she made a rude gesture after being provoked by a ‘barking crowd’, July 9). As a former Ofsted inspector, I clearly missed this as part of the school inspection code of conduct.
Gary Nethercott
Woodbridge, Suffolk

By the time Boris Johnson leaves No. 10, he will no doubt have secured a book deal worth several thousand euros to write his autobiography. It will of course be immediately installed as a favorite to win the Booker Prize for Fiction.
Steve Clark
Newport, East Riding of Yorkshire

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