Rohit defends Virat, says it happened to me too, we support the quality of player

Rohit defends Virat, says it happened to me too, we support the quality of player

Kohli was caught in cover trying to fabricate a third straight hit after picking up a straight four and six from David Willey.

Virat KohliThe period of thinness has exceeded two and a half years now. However, the Indian captain Rohit Sharma on Sunday defended Kohli’s form and said he too had been through the lean period and that the team management was supporting Virat Kohli.

“Form upar neeche hota hai, player (Virat Kohli) ka quality kabhi kharab nahi hota hai. (There will always be ups and downs in the form of the cricketer, but the quality of the players will never fade.) We must always keep in mind that there is a quality in some players and that we as a team support that quality,” Rohit told reporters. when asked about Virat Kohli’s place on the Indian side of the T20I.

“When someone scores consistently for so long, we can’t ignore his contribution if he doesn’t score in one or two streaks or in one or two years. We know the importance of Virat Kohli. Experts have the right talk about it, but for us those things don’t matter,” he added.

Rohit also questions cricket experts’ relentless search for former India captain Virat Kohli. Kohli hasn’t been part of the big runs for almost three years now and the versatile World Cup winner feels the Indian team’s management will be a disservice if the in-form players don’t have enough opportunities to show off their skills.

“Yes, now the situation is such that you might be forced to bench Kohli from T20 playing eleven. If world No. 2 bowler Ashwin can be removed from the Test side, then (once upon a time) world No. 1 batter can also be removed,” Kapil told ABP News.

Kapil was quick to say that Kohli currently looks like a shadow of himself.

“Virat is not at bat at a level that we have seen him do over the years. He has made a name for himself through his performance, but if he is not performing you cannot prevent young performers to be part of the team,” said the legendary cricketer.

Rohit didn’t name the expert but snidely quizzed the former Indian all-rounder, who insisted playing XI should be picked based on his current form and not past reputation.

“We don’t listen to much outside noise. I don’t know who these experts are. I don’t understand why they are called experts. They watch the game from outside, they don’t know what’s going on inside in the locker room,” Rohit said.

“There is always a thought process behind the selection of a team. We are trying to support our players, people watching the game from away don’t know that,” he added.
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India will play the first match of the three-game ODI series against England at the Oval on Tuesday.

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