Spectator accused by Kyrgios of having 'around 700 drinks' insists she had 'good intentions'

Spectator accused by Kyrgios of having ‘around 700 drinks’ insists she had ‘good intentions’

“If you think a person saying ‘Come on, you can do it’ is so disturbing that they’re losing a game…how can they pick up a single cheering fan, rooting for him?”

Blaming others when the match is against him is a Kyrgios game featureand as in previous clashes this fortnight, he regularly berated both the officials for their decisions and his own supporters for what he perceived to be a lack of support.

However, on Sunday the Australian appeared for some time obsessed with having Ms Palus present during his service games.

In a post-match press conference, he acknowledged that the perceived disruption hadn’t cost him the title, but added: “I don’t need anyone to absolutely talk to me, signal me – You know what I mean ?

“I’m all for having a good time…”

After around 15 minutes, a distraught Ms Pulus was allowed to return to center court for the remainder of the match.

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