'The game is out of control' - Nigel Owens wants five law changes ASAP - Ruck

‘The game is out of control’ – Nigel Owens wants five law changes ASAP – Ruck

Popular referee Nigel Owens says the new laws of rugby are NOT working to improve the game.

England manager Eddie Jones reflected on the laws after his side’s victory saying: “The game is out of control,

“Have you seen New Zealand Ireland Test; at one point the commentators couldn’t count the number of players on the pitch, you had three scrimmage backs.

“We have had our fill of pigs where everything is a red card, a yellow card and you have to use common sense.

“I picked up the referee’s pocket (before the game), there were lots of cards in it.”

Owens, who hung up his whistle two years ago, offered four possible changes to encourage expansive rugby.

#1. Give up goal line dropout

Owens wrote: “As far as goal line dropouts, I was a big fan initially because I thought it would prevent teams from attacking a lot of pick-and-go’s near the try line, teams trying to move the ball wide instead to avoid being held down and losing possession. But I’m not sure that worked out as intended. We still see a lot of pick-and-go’s until the teams get together. hand, we still see a lot of mauls and the number of collisions has not decreased.

“We’re also seeing fewer scrums near the goal line, and to be honest, I’m not sure that’s a good thing. The scrum has to be an important part of the game, and at the moment we don’t. don’t see the benefits.Rugby must continue to be a game for all shapes and sizes, and at all levels too.

Attacking teams also kick longer knowing that if the ball rolls dead the defending team has to make a drop on the goal line and they can win the ball back. We also lost the short dropouts that we used to see from the 22 yard line where the teams battled for the ball, or a quick dropout would be taken, as the teams now back on their goal line would not just hit the ball long escape and what happens? The opposition rejects him.

“Since I first believed it would work, now I would like the goal line abandonment law to be honest. If anything, it has a negative effect.


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