F1 22 Bahrain setup: best car settings for first race

F1 22 Bahrain setup: best car settings for first race

You’ll probably need the best F1 22 Bahrain setup for your very first race, as the career modes mimic the real-world calendar. As this is the first race on the calendar you are unlikely to have any upgrades on your car (unless you are in a later season) so having the correct setup is imperative to get a decent result .

The best F1 22 Bahrain setup will depend on your racing style, car performance and evening weather conditions in the hot climate. As a starting point, we have the car settings you need in this best racing game entry. The track has three DRS zones and 15 corners and is always run in the evening, one of the few floodlit races. Do as many practice laps as possible to get used to your car for the rest of the season.

F1 track 22 Bahrain explained

Bahrain as a whole is a fairly standard circuit, although the second sector is a windy section full of technical corners. Turn ten is particularly important, as a smooth exit to the straight is vital. Overtaking usually happens on the first corner, as it comes after the long straight. While you can do the same at Turn 14, expect whoever you pass will bring you right back, much like Verstappen and Leclerc swapping positions in the real Grand Prix earlier this year.


  • Aero Front wing: 22
  • Aero rear wing: 25


  • Differential adjustment on the accelerator: 88
  • Adjusting the Off Throttle differential: 58

Suspension geometry

  • Front camber: -2.5
  • Rear camber: -1.8
  • Front tip: 0.05
  • Rear toe-in: 0.2


  • Front suspension: 9
  • Rear suspension: 3
  • Front anti-roll bar: 9
  • Rear anti-roll bar: 3
  • Front ride height: 3
  • Rear ride height: 4


  • Brake pressure: 100
  • Brake bias: 52


  • Right front tire pressure: 23.3
  • Left front tire pressure: 23.3
  • Right rear tire pressure: 22.5
  • Left rear tire pressure: 22.5

That’s it for our best F1 22 Bahrain setup, which can set you up for some great upgrades if you get a good result. Our best Setup F1 22 Jeddah has the car settings for another night race on the schedule, when you should be looking the best F1 Setup 22 Austria for the track with the fewest turns. Alternatively, our F1 Review 22 contains all of our thoughts on this year’s episode.

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