'Like keeping your Ferrari parked in a garage': Ex-India Selector On Edgbaston Test Playing XI |  Cricket News

‘Like keeping your Ferrari parked in a garage’: Ex-India Selector On Edgbaston Test Playing XI | Cricket News

The Indian cricket team lost the Edgbaston test by seven wickets.©AFP

After being in an advantageous position in the rescheduled fifth Test against England at Edgbaston, the Indian cricket team could not keep their cool and lost the game by seven wickets. England have rode centuries unbeaten since Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow to record their most successful pursuit in 378-race testing. After the defeat, the experts felt that the composition of the team could have been different. Former India cricket player and former national manager Jatin Paranjape said that Ravichandran Ashwin could have been chosen in the XI.

“I don’t think so. You can understand why they chose Bumrah as captain; the powers that be must have thought Bumrah as captain was a good choice. Sometimes it’s better to err on the side of caution, and that in s ‘turns out to be a better decision,’ said Jatin Paranjape in an interview with senior sports journalist Jamie Alter on Look.

“I can understand why they played Shardul because he had played well in the test match at The Oval where he could have been man of the match. But here you had R Ashwin in the team. It’s like keeping your Ferrari parked in the garage The color of the wicket wasn’t your usual English wicket and Edgbaston is known to spin a bit so I thought India could have gone with two spinners That gives you a bit more control over the game if nothing happens. Also, when you have three setters and you play a fourth, someone is underestimated. You can’t use all four; it just doesn’t enter not in play. But hindsight is 20/20 vision.


In the fifth Test, Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root, who made the pursuit of tricky targets in Test matches fashionable, put India’s famously fast-paced epee attack with towering hundreds as England recorded his highest pursuit of 378 runs with minimal fuss to level the five. -game series 2-2. It is the fourth consecutive successful chase for England, having surpassed tricky fourth-leg goals of 278, 299 and 296 against New Zealand in the previous series.

When England were rocked on the fourth afternoon by a substitute skipper Jasprit Bumrah, the two star hitters did not deviate from their game plan. The entire Indian attack, with the exception of Bumrah, looked pedestrian. All England needed was just under 20 overs to knock off the remaining 119 runs on the morning of day five.

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